Several years ago we were recommended by our friends who made Aliyah,to contact Kim Bash to help us find an apartment in Yerushalayim.
Working with Kim was the most professional real estate experience .She took us to look at apartments at our convenience and helped us to locate and purchase a wonderful Dirah in the Old City of Jerusalem.Her advice,expertise and guidance were extremely valuable .Since that time,she has continued to help us adjust to life in the Rovah and is always looking out for us.We are thrilled with our purchase and highly recommend Kim for your real estate needs.Two other friends from the States subsequently used her as well.I can happily be reached to answer any other further reference questions.

Reize Sipzner, Jamaica Estates, Queens, NY


We bought an apartment in Jerusalem in February 2018.

We had one day in Jerusalem to go around and see various apartments. Kim Bash from T& T Investments had spoken to us a few times about what we required and liaised with us via email, so by the time we came to see the apartments she understood what we were looking for.. All the apartments she showed us were top quality and could have been suitable for us to buy. We were only with Kim for one day and by the end of it we had seen the apartment that we finally bought.

This is the first apartment we bought in Israel and she helped us through the whole process.

She is professional,organised and is knowledgeable about all aspects of purchasing a property in Israel

I highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to buy a property in Israel.

Rochelle, London


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you most sincerely for your support and assistance in the successful marketing our apartment in Seadia Gaon !8, Rehavia, Jerusalem.

Over time, I have met and discussed the marketing of our apartment with a considerable number of the real estate agents in Jerusalem who claim to deal exclusively with “high-end” properties.  I was unimpressed by their inability to articulate a strategy for marketing our apartment and very disappointed by their obvious lack of professionalism.  A majority of these “experts” complained that the asking price for our property was too high, and spent their time explaining the rationale for this. My level of frustration was sufficiently high to drive me to prepare and publish my own 16 page colour brochure presenting the property.

At my very first meeting with Kim and yourself, I realised that the professionalism of your organisation was exceptional. I was impressed by your strategic approach.  The guidance you provided in setting up the apartment for the sales effort, the materials and web presence that you developed, and the immediate responses that I received to any questions raised, were all highly professional. It was a pleasure to work with you both.

Your approach, based on identifying and focusing on individual prospects that would be attracted to our apartment, was truly amazing.  In effect, apart from a small number of potential clients who were drawn to the apartment by the marketing materials that you developed, this approach rapidly produced two serious potential clients.  The first, who was introduced to our apartment by Kim prior to our entering into an exclusive marketing agreement with your organisation, visited the apartment with his wife on four separate occasions.  Kim’s second target was 100% to the point and the client took a decision to purchase the apartment in the space of only 10 days.  You supported us throughout the process, being pro-active when this was called for, and holding back at other times.

Please also accept my compliments, as an IT professional,  on your exceptional web-presence – it outshines the efforts of every other real estate agent in Israel.

I will be delighted to warmly recommend the services of your firm to any prospective client.


Marcus Hallside, London, England


Most people are fortunate if they can find an agent who is half-way normal, but with Deborah Touitou you don’t get a one-grunt agent, you acquire a friend, a real friend.
Professionally she is unlike any other agent I have ever met. She NEVER stops working. Actually, she is more like a French nuclear reactor- full of ceaseless energy, coolly efficient but manages to keep you warm and comfortable.

Sara and Michael Widlanski
New York, USA- Israel

Sara and Michael Widlanski New York, USA- Israel

After arriving to T&T Investments by a warm refferal, we met David Berdah who was a Terrific Real Estate Agent. After describing what we were looking for and after showing us a couple of properties, David was able to show us only properties that were relevant to us. He has a thorough understanding of the Central Jerusalem market and is wonderful to work with.

Paul & Jennie Claman
Ottawa, Canada

Paul & Jennie Claman Ottawa, Canada

To the Wonderful Deborah,
Thank you from the bottom of our heart for the fantastic service and the devoted care you escorted us all along our purchase process of the most beautiful house in Jerusalem. You proved amazing professionalism and business understanding the whole way…

Moshe & Hava Turgeman

Moshe & Hava Turgeman Israel

Dear Deborah,
Our search for an apartment in Jerusalem began shortly after we made aliya in August 2008. We called you on a recommendation we received after seeing numerous apartments with various agents. After meeting with us, you immediately recognized our needs, explained how the market was here in Israel as compared to what we had been accustomed to and began to show us properties that fit all the parameters we had set. We soon found the apartment that perfectly matched our requirements. Needless to say we are very happy with the professionalism, skill of negotiations, attention to detail and personalized service you provided and would recommend you, without reservation, to anyone seeking expertise of a real estate agent.

Barry and Corinne Korzen
Toronto, Canada

Barry and Corinne Korzen Toronto, Canada

My dearest Deborah,
We wanted to thank you for the devoted assistance and personal attention in the purchase of our Jerusalem apartment. You were closely involved in a most pleasant way in all details of the purchase, to the point of even recommending the attorney who also excellently represented our interests. You responded warmly to all our requests until we made up our mind that it was definitely for us. We also very much appreciate that in negotiations over the purchase price, you tried ans succeeded to get the best deal possible.

Miriam and Ronald Rubin
New York, USA

Miriam and Ronald Rubin New York, USA

Dear Deborah,
We wanted to let you know that our both transactions in Jerusalem would not have happened without you. We have worked with many brokers (commercial and residential) in many cities over the years. You are excellent. Without your hard work, persistence and pleasant attitude, I am certain that we would still be looking at other alternatives. You are the best of the best. You have been so responsive and patient and well informed–without hesitation we will recommend you to our friends. Thank you.

Elayne and Howard Levkowitz
Los Angeles, USA

Elayne and Howard Levkowitz Los Angeles, USA

We bought our house via Deborah Touitou and
were very happy with the assistance we received during the acquisition process.
Correct information, no undue pressures, and integrity and gentle manners – always ready to swiftly help out. I would recommend her brokerage services to anybody who seriously considers buying a property in Israel.

Kol tuv and Good luck,

Michael and Annette Kierszenbaum Belgium

Dear Deborah,
I felt I have to let you know how much we enjoyed working with you. As architects and entrepreneurs, we have a lot of experience with the real estate world, we renovate a lot of apartments.

You were the only real estate agent who truly understood that selling an apartment means more than just “showing the apartment”…You appreciated the design and the true value of our flats.

Your high estimation of our apartments was always right and you encouraged us to wait for the right customer who will estimate the apartment as you. And you were right all along- you sold our two apartments at the best price we could hope for. You were very professional, pleasant and efficient.

We wanted to thank you and wish you best of luck in your work

Lionel and Maya Nabeth Jerusalem , Israel

My wife and I were very happy with your effective and kind service. I would like to thank you for your honesty and integrity that determined the success of this deal.

We finally bought the house we dreamed of and also made a great investment.
It will be my pleasure to provide you recommendations and referrals.


Zalman Fellig Miami, Floride

I have known Deborah Touitou for several years have always been impressed with
her professionalism and real estate knowledge. She is always energetic and eager to respond to any requests would strongly recommend her for any kind of work. If you require any further references please contact me directly.

Mike & Judy Kaiser Toronto, Canada

Dear Deborah,
After trying to sell our flat during almost a year through different real estate agencies, you asked us to give you selling exclusivity on our flat in Rehavia. No doubt that you were the most efficient and honnest. Quickly, after a few months, thanks to your professionalism, your perfect real estate market knowledge and your wide international customers network, your efforts were a great success and we got the best price we could ever dreamed of!

Rest assured we would sincerely recommend your services to anyone who may require the assistance of a professional and faithful real estate sales company.

Anaelle and Guillaume Levy French, Israel


We wanted to compliment you on the efficient and excellent service you performed for us all along the process, in the sale of our property in the heart of Jerusalem and the purchase of our home in Herzlia.
We wanted to thank you for your honesty and integrity that allowed us to get the best prices even for the sale and the purchase; you negotiate the best way we know!
You succeed to advise us for the right purchase, you understand our needs and was committed to find the right private house for us in Herzlia Pituah. You weren’t lazy to go out from Jerusalem and find the right house for us.
The house is beautiful and we enjoy it all the time thanks to you!

We have recommended you to our friends and they were very grateful to find such a professional and kind person, we’ll continue to do that.

Wishing you the best success all along,

Moshe & Sarah Rozenfeld Paris, France

Dear Deborah,
Thank you for your excellent service, patience and attention to the needs of my family.
We will always recommend you and are grateful for your help.

Tania, Jean Guetta London, England