Shaare Hesed

The religious neighborhood of Shaare Hesed is at the edge of the neighborhood of Rechavia. It is a quiet and wealthy neighborhood with a warm atmosphere. Shaare Hesed is located between the streets of Ussishkin, Diskin, and Keren Kayemet L'Yisrael. The neighborhood was built according to a plan of many adjacent one-story houses, each with its own long, narrow yard, but starting in 1975 there was an acceleration of renewal and people began to renovate with stonework and different pavements. The new houses were bigger than the original structures and had additional floors. Today, most of the land is for individual houses or for two separate apartments. The area is especially popular for the orthodox community, and the new population of the area is mostly religious Jews from Western countries, including France. Due to the high demand of apartments in this area, few plots are left for sale.

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